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The home buying process in Georgia

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Buying a home in Georgia is basically the same process as any of the other states, although there are some steps that have been added or slightly modified. If you’re thinking about buying a home in the Peach State, here’s how the home buying process in Georgia works:

  1. Get pre-approved
    Getting a mortgage pre-approval is the first and most crucial step in buying a home. A mortgage pre-approval is an application to a lender for a home loan. Once you get pre-approved, you will now have idea of how much they are willing to lend you. This is very useful in the home buying process because it narrows down your list of homes to the ones you can actually afford.
  2. Finding the right agent
    The next step to buying a home is to find the right real estate agent to work with. It’s important to have an experienced professional by your side for you to find that picture-perfect home. Georgia is filled with qualified real estate experts who have years of local knowledge about their areas. To find the right Realtor, look for recommendations, reviews, and referrals.
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  4. Looking for homes on the market
    Based on your budget, look for homes that have the features and amenities that you need and want. It’s important to list these in advance in order to make your home search more efficient. The homes you are looking at should be located in an area that fits you and your family, which includes top school districts, award-winning parks, and notable establishments. Your Realtor can also recommend properties that he or she thinks are suitable for you.
  5. Making an offer
    After deciding on what house you want to buy, make an offer to the home seller through your Realtor. Your Realtor will help you decide on a price that benefits both you and the seller by basing the price on the comparable homes in the area. During this stage of the process, the seller could either to accept or reject your offer. In the event of a rejection, you’ll need to negotiate with the seller and convince the seller to choose you as the new homeowner.
  6. Due diligence
    Home buyers in Georgia are given a due diligence opportunity, which allows the buyer to end the contract when they are not satisfied with the home inspection. Home buyers have a negotiated period (usually 10 days for traditional home sales) to decide whether or not they would still want to push through with the sale.
  7. Home inspection
    As part of Georgia’s due diligence requirement, you need to hire a professional and certified home inspector to evaluate the home and check for any problems or issues. Home inspections in Georgia also include termite inspections, mold testing, and septic tank inspections.
  8. Mortgage
    Applying for a mortgage in Georgia requires you to submit a Uniform Residential Loan Application to a lender or mortgage broker. After a couple of days, you will receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) that gives a breakdown of your mortgage payments.
  9. Closing the sale
    After both parties have agreed to the terms, you can now close the sale on your new home. The closing process includes a title search, title insurance, and a final walkthrough. This is where closing costs such as lawyer fees, appraisal fees, and home inspection fees are included.
  10. Moving into your new home
    Once you’re done with all the steps, it’s time to move into your new home! Depending on where you’re moving from, decide on hiring a professional mover or just asking family and friends to help. And once you’ve settled in, you can now start anew in your new home in Georgia!

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